NetFlix TV Remote - Youtube TV Remote
Custom Remote Controls

New Remote Controls Allowing Streaming Application Functionality- Control NetFlix, Youtube and Other Applications from the Television!

NetFlix TV Remote- Youtube TV Remote

Remote Source now offers a wide range of custom remote control solutions that can be pre-programmed to control many of today’s streaming applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Amazon Prime and others, along with universal learning from any device.

Our Services include:

Custom Screening– Allowing for additional branding and advertisement programs. Choose from a variety of molds, use your custom artwork for branding and choose the remote which meets your needs best, or we can develop a custom model for you as well.

Remote Control Consolidation– Simplify your design by integrating keys multiple remotes into a single and easy to use device. Any code can be mapped to any button on our remotes, consolidation is key!

Looking for more information on how to consolidate remote controls, upgrade your current remote molding for new functionalities, or to design your own speciality remote?

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