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Total Control

Our remote controls are designed with the latest technologies in mind from combined keyboard functionality which work with TV, PC, Apple TV or Android connected via Bluetooth or USB receivers with custom screening and key-mapping.

We work to suit your preferred remote mold, style, color, function and key combination.

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  • Remotes for
  • Complete Customization
  • OEM Remotes & Receivers
  • 90% Of Hotel Guest Turn Their TV On.
  • Keeping Your Guest Happy.

Remotes to Fit Any Device and Function.

We offer a wide range of remotes for custom development and manufacture of different with a range of capabilities to universally learn any command from any device. Remote Source also works with a wide range of receiver solutions like USB, Bluetooth, IR, IF and RC.

  • Our remotes come with a wide range of options available:

    • Backlit Options Available
    • Custom Key Mapping
    • Keyboard/Mouse Functionality
    • LCD Displays
    • Programmable USB Receivers
    • Universal Learning
  • Covering a wide range of frequencies such as:

    Radio Frequency / RF:

    • 2.4GHz, 433MHz, 27MHz, Bluetooth, Proprietary, Zigbee, Z-Wave

    Infrared / IR:

    • 455KHz, 36KHz through 56KHz and any custom range.


    • USB, TTL and RS232, RC5
  • Serving a variety of industries:

    • Hospitality – Hotels, Cruise Ships
    • Medical Facilities / Hospitals
    • Computer Electronics compatibility
    • Consumer Electronics compatibility
    • Government Facilities
    • Custom remote controls for any industry

Remote Options

We specialize in accommodating new technologies. From super-thin remote controls for HTPCs, iOS and android devices, to universal remote controls which consolidate various controls for many different electronic devices. <br />
Full Feature Slim Compact
Alphanumeric Keypad    
Directional Keypad      
Function Keys      
QWERTY Keyboard  
LCD Display  
Mouse Control      
Multi-Device Control    
Universal Learning  
Choose from many different types of Custom Remote Manufacture Mold types- we offer injection moldings including painting, silk-screen printing,
electroplating, lithography and bronzing. We provide all services pertaining to design, production, after-sales service and
warranties on all of our products.

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